Citizen police force was on the case

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2010

The best police force isn’t limited by a budget, on duty hours or equipment.

That was evident Wednesday.

The four teenagers who reportedly vandalized a restroom at the Natchez Visitor Reception Center obviously didn’t realize security cameras were overhead.

The cameras caught the suspects entering and exiting the bathroom at the time the crime occurred.

The visitor center shared the camera photos with the newspaper Tuesday; we published them Wednesday, and by Wednesday afternoon, four arrests had been made.

Police said they received quite a few calls offering information about the people caught on camera.

It was the ultimate Neighborhood Watch.

The best crime-fighting force we have, you see, isn’t our paid police officers though we certainly appreciate their service.

The best police force is the people.

No community will ever have more police than it does private citizens, and paid officers simply can’t know as much as the general public.

The system worked Wednesday. Good won out over evil, reminding us that though crime rates may rise, the good still outnumber the bad.

Those who reported what they knew should be proud of their contribution to society.

We hope local law enforcement will continue to welcome our help, take advantage of a community full of eyes and ears and let the bad guys know we are all watching.