Third time’s a charm for couple

Published 12:18 am Monday, July 26, 2010

VIDALIA — Bob and Angie Williamson insist they are boring, but the story of their courtship is anything but.

When The Dart landed at the Williamsons’ house on Murray Drive in Vidalia Wednesday afternoon, Bob was snacking on a honey bun while watching a rerun of “The Andy Griffith Show.” Angie was doing household chores.

“Don’t let anybody tell you can’t meet somebody at the bar,” Angie said. “I’ve been married three times and this is my best husband.”

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“Thank you ma’am,” Bob said.

“You didn’t say I was your best wife,” Angie said.

“You are!” Bob exclaimed.

“We were two old folks dating and going out and having a good time,” Angie said.

For the Williamsons, marriage has proved to be a charm the third time around. Angie is Bob’s third wife, and Bob is Angie’s third husband. They were married four years ago, and they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

“He’s a good person,” Angie said of Bob. “I’m bossy and overbearing, and I don’t know what he admires about me at all.”

“She’s hardworking, and she’s helped me out a bunch since we’ve been married,” Bob said of Angie. “She’s my sweetheart, and I guess we’re good friends too.”

Angie said the secret to an amicable and lengthy marriage takes more than love.

“A lot of people get married and don’t like each other,” Angie said. “I don’t know if we fit together because we’re old or better suited for each other.”

Angie said marriage also requires a few good lovers’ spats.

“If you don’t have any arguments every now and then, you know something’s wrong,” Angie said.

Angie, who works at the Concordia Correctional Facility, was enjoying a brief vacation last week. However, she and Bob planned to give their house a fresh coat of paint. Bob, who worked at Armstrong Tire Company in Natchez for 30 years, doesn’t mind the work.

“It’s going to be a working vacation,” Angie said.

But before the paintwork commenced, Angie said she was going to prepare a special meal for her husband.

“I’m cooking some rice dressing he’s been craving and some chicken livers,” Angie said. “And I’m making him a honey bun cake because he’s craving a honey bun cake.”

Together, the Williamsons have 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.