Rubber has hit road, we must keep going

Published 11:26 pm Monday, August 2, 2010

The people have voted in overwhelming support for the creation of a new recreation complex for Adams County.

A group of volunteers has been meeting weekly for months to develop a diverse plan for the complex.

A complication with the lease on the proposed site has been cleared up, making the site available for the next four decades — at a minimum.

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Now all we need is a funding source.

And, as Prince Hamlet said, “Aye, there’s the rub.”

Looking for new sources of funding now, as our nation slowly regains strength after the Great Recession, takes guts.

It will be all too easy for critics to simply throw up their hands and cry foul.

“We must wait for better days ahead,” critics will say.

If we do that, it will be a mistake. The momentum will fade and another generation of youth — and adults — will continue to play on 1950s parks.

We urge city, county and school officials to not let this drop off and become another time in our community’s history in which recreation received lots of lip service, but no ultimate action.

The people spoke with a resounding voice at the polls.

Those voters are now watching, waiting and expecting for the elected leaders to put things into action soon.

Investing in recreation is too important for our community to miss another opportunity.

The door is open, the majority of voters are behind the project and we need to push this one into the end zone.