Jindal’s words refreshing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We live in an era in which the individual and his unalienable rights are often considered paramount to practically everything else.

Our society showers attention and praise on seemingly self-absorbed sports and Hollywood superstars.

A recent hour-long TV show devoted to the announcement of which team an NBA player would select is a perfect example of the importance we place on these individuals.

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What’s worse than the show’s existence, perhaps, is that tons of people sat glued to their TVs to watch.

So when someone in the public eye clearly and publicly says the most important moment in their life was not a day of personal accomplishment, but rather a day that someone else saved them, the uniqueness of their words can make us stop and take note.

On Sunday, in a Monterey, La., church, the governor of the State of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, took the microphone, but didn’t raise his hand to accept credit for anything he’s accomplished in his life. Instead, Jindal looked to the heavens to give credit where he said it was truly due.

God, not the governor, is in control of Jindal’s life.

While political critics of Jindal may simply choose to throw mud at him over his unabashedly Christian stance, we find his position not only believable but also refreshing.

Far too many “leaders” try to straddle the fence on issues of faith in an attempt to pander politically to believers and non-believers.

Jindal’s Sunday speech illustrates that a true leader speaks his mind, even if doing so gives his enemies more ammunition to fire at him.

Thank you, Gov. Jindal, for visiting our community, but, more important, thank you for standing up for your beliefs.