Children, start this year off right

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The wake-up call to the elders and leaders of all the churches in the world should go outside the building and everywhere to reach the unsaved men, women, boys and girls and lead them out of the wilderness into the fold to be saved.

Young people, at this the start of a new school year, need to be taught of God’s word. It’s not about the leaders that teach the Word of God, it’s all about our savior, who died on the cross to save the world.

I am here to let you all know that Jesus Christ loves you. God doesn’t want to lose one soul over to the devil. Remembering that God made everything good and gave us a choice, we either take the narrow road to heave or the broad road to destruction. On the broad road there will be many, but on the narrow road there will be few.

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Elders and leaders should compel sinners, men, women, boys and girls, to come to Jesus. Parents that have children should start teaching God’s Word in the home.

We as parents should be the role model for our children to live by, teaching them about respect for others and knowing right from wrong.

Everything starts in the home. Most of all, teach them about being obedient to God’s Word. It is God’s commandment to love everybody, not one, but all.

Children, obey your parents, for this is right, Ephesians 6:1 says.

You can’t listen to all elders, because some of them will lead you up the wrong path, so be aware of what is right and watch who you follow.

Children in school must obey their teachers, principals and other elders. The next thing is to obey your fellow students, for this is right.

The wake-up call to the leaders and elders is to teach what you preach and preach what you teach. It’s prayer time, if ever there was such a time.

Students, get your education and college degree, that’s what counts. Obey your teachers, bus drivers and school workers.

Then, become a lawyer, doctor, teacher, judge or even mayor. You can be an airplane pilot or a ship captain if you simply work hard.

Make a better life for yourselves than your parents had.

Parents, take your children to Sunday School, Bible School and more, whether they get anything out of it or not, don’t let God hold you responsible for not leading.

Pastor Lula Warfield is a Natchez resident.