Freedom not in question, only site

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nearly nine years ago our nation came together as one, bonded instantly in grief and horror by deadly terrorist attacks on our home soil.

The 9/11 attacks scared all of us to the core, but quickly that fear turned to anger then a steely resolve to defeat the evil set upon destroying our nation.

Several sites were attacked that day with the World Trade Center being the bloodiest location and the place which burned some of the worst images into our collective mind as the twin towers burned, then crumbled, killing thousands.

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Fundamental Islamic terrorists claimed credit for the attacks, and we’ve been at war with them ever since.

Today, just 600 feet from the site of Ground Zero, plans for a new Islamic mosque and civic center have sparked great controversy.

Supporters suggest the mosque issue is an important test of America’s true resolve when it comes to freedom of religion.

Perhaps it is.

But perhaps letting our principles get in the way of our common sense is allowing our enemies to make fools out of us. The plan essentially allows a group that shares religious beliefs with the 9/11 terrorists to build a monument in the shadow of the site.

Just like the white citizens who in the 1950s and 1960s sat silent as racist organizations terrorized members of the black community the good, non-violent followers of Islam are doing the same today.

They’re sitting by and allowing — in some cases even aiding — Islamic terrorists to ruin the name and reputation of their religion.

While legally, perhaps, the mosque has cleared all its hurdles, morally it should not be built that close to Ground Zero. Doing so is slap in the face to all of the men and women who died on 9/11, and the days since, fighting the evil enemies intent on killing more of us.