Parents meet with teachers at FLES

Published 12:07 am Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FERRIDAY — School is back in session and parents of Ferriday Lower Elementary students got a chance to meet their children’s teachers Monday as the school hosted an open house.

Ferriday Lower Elementary School principal Sheila Alwood, said the school is trying to get parents more involved with their children’s education.

“We are trying to let our teachers and parents know the expectations their children will be facing this year,” she said. “If the parents know what their children need to be better at, they can hear it from us and work on it at home.”

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Monique Harbor, parent of a kindergarten student, said it is very important for a parent to be involved in their child’s education.

“Being involved with schooling and learning what the teacher has to say about your child is very helpful,” Harbor said. “You can share your child’s progress throughout the year.”

Connie Whitley, a kindergarten teacher at FLES, said parents had the opportunity to learn a lot of important information to help them at the open house.

“They can learn what their children need to accomplish to be successful,” she said. “We give the parents that information, such as things for the kids to take home and work on.”

Fellow kindergarten teacher Jamie Taunton said getting the parent involved in what the child is learning is a great way to have inclusion among everyone in the family.

“You get that everyone involved aspect of school,” Taunton said. “That can really help a child in school.”

Kelly Nickens, parent of a kindergartener at FLES said she was there to learn more about different ways to help be involved in her child’s education.

“It is very important to be involved,” she said. “You can really help boost your child’s confidence by showing them you care.”

First-grade teacher Shirley Simpson said that if parents show they care, the children will care more too.

“Parents need to be aware of things their children are doing at school,” she said. “Being aware of what they have going on at school goes toward the overall betterment of the child.”

Felice Fortenberry, kindergarten teacher at FLES, said the parents’ involvement at the event is something that is done help build a child’s self esteem.

“If the parents are aware of the goals their children need to reach, they can help them get there,” Fortenberry said. “It’s hands-on fun that makes the children feel good about themselves.”