Parents discuss issues at Title I meeting

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 28, 2010

NATCHEZ — New classroom features and school employees were the topic of discussion at the annual Title I meeting for the Natchez-Adams School District, as district officials asked parents to evaluate where and how the money they received was spent.

Marilyn Alexander-Turner, director of Federal Programs for the Natchez-Adams School District, said the district received $3,240,941 from Title I for all of the schools with $112,525 going toward private schools.

“The money each of these schools received was based on the number of students that would be going to public school but choose to go to private,” she said.

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Turner said the money they received was used for services and items the schools needed.

“The money helped pay for teachers, social workers, computer lab assistants and we will even have nurses in all of the schools for the first time,” she said. “It was also used for technological improvements for the classrooms.”

Turner said things like computers, printers and even Smart Boards were bought with the money.

“I invite any parent to visit the schools and see the technology that has been placed in the classrooms,” she said.

Funding was not the only topic for discussion at the Thursday meeting in the David Steckler Multipurpose Building, as many school officials talked about the benefits of parent involvement.

Natchez-Adams School District Board of Trustees Secretary Thelma Newsome, said it is important for parents to stay involved in their child’s education into their higher levels of learning.

“Parents think that once their child hits sixth grade they are no longer needed and that is not true,” Newsome said. “Children whose parents are involved in their education have a much better success rate.”

Robert Lewis Middle School parent liaison Joyce Newell said the district needs more parents volunteering in the schools.

“Parents are important and need to be a part of the Natchez-Adams School District,” Newsome said. “All it takes to volunteer is to go to your child’s school, talk to the principal and ask.”

Parent Joyce Jones attended the event and said it was an informative experience.

“It’s really helpful to learn things about the schools,” she said. “Anything to help the child in their education is a positive.”

At the end of the event, Turner asked the audience of parents to fill out the evaluation form in order for the district to get some feedback.

“We need these evaluation forms filled out so we can see what you want and don’t want in the district,” Turner said. “That’s how we grow, through what people tell us.”