Bowie Fest would be better in October

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recently there was an article in The Natchez Democrat about the Jim Bowie festival in Vidalia and how the crowds battled the heat.

This time of year the weather is very hot. The hot weather and high humidity make life miserable.

Therefore, it seems a logical thing to do is for the planners of the Jim Bowie festival to have the event in late October.

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Everyone would find the festival more enjoyable. The attendance would probably increase, and the out-of-state visitors would brag about our wonderful fall weather.

Usually the balloon race is in late October and so is the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson.

Why don’t the Jim Bowie Festival planners consider the weather conditions and plan next year’s festival one month later in the year?

The people attending the festival will applaud you for doing so!

Barthel D. Waggoner

Natchez resident