Communication is missing from local boards

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If the mark of a good politician is the ability to grandstand, stall progress and avoid true communication, well, someone call the trophy shop, we’ve got a few winners.

Unfortunately, it’s not surprising that a project requiring unity among three local government boards has already prompted one board to threaten to take their marbles and go home.

We’ve seen this disappointing pattern time and time again.

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County supervisors voted Monday to withdraw their promised $11,000 check for a proposed recreation complex, pending equal payment from the city and the school board within 30 days.

But the vote didn’t come without a bit of bad-mouthing toward the other boards and a heap of jumping to conclusions.

Supervisor Henry Watts is convinced that the county will end up footing the bill for the entire complex, something he doesn’t want to do.

Though it certainly seems right and fair that the board with tax collecting powers over the entire area should take the lead on such a project, there’s been no public proof to back up Watts’ claims.

Officially the recreation commission has not asked the city for any money. And the school board is simply running their contribution by the attorney general’s office before proceeding to make certain they’re acting within the law.

The county’s loud, public decision to take back a check that has not been sent is an over-the-top statement against the project

Instead of putting on a show, the county needs to talk with the two other boards and agree to fulfill the request nearly 80 percent of the taxpayers made.

Instead of earning trophies for grandstanding, why not seek to earn the public’s trust and respect?