Catahoula case needs our help

Published 12:05 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Few stories from our backyard are as sad as the one developing in Harrisonburg right now.

An out-of-town hunter walking in the woods near the Catahoula Parish town discovered something he’s probably still struggling to get over. Human remains, those later determined to be from a young girl or teenager, had been left to decompose.

But the skull contained an interesting detail — braces with pink bands.

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Most parents of teens can tell you braces aren’t cheap and the process isn’t easy.

So obviously, this young girl was cared for, loved.

She had received medical attention from an orthodontist recently. Still, her body ended up abandoned in the woods.

Two weeks later, investigators are no closer to knowing the identity of the girl.

No one has been reported missing for miles in any direction. A few leads came up empty.

No one knows if the girl was from the Catahoula area or halfway across the country.

But she has a story.

Investigators are working every angle of the scene, and a forensics expert is reconstructing the girl’s face.

Drawings may be out soon.

But for now, everyone owes it to this young girl to spend a bit of time thinking.

Was there a neighbor you haven’t seen lately? A student at school who hasn’t been back? Anything fishy at all?

The Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office wants to hear information that may lead to the girl’s identity. Call them at 318-744-5411.

Our community is small, and we sometimes get annoyed that everyone’s in our business. This time, a little nosiness might just be in order.