Extension service has fishing getaway for MHV

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 24, 2010

KINGSTON — Adams County Extension Service County Director David Carter said he is very appreciative of the help the service gets from the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers.

So he decided to treat them to a day of fishing and free lunch at his property Friday afternoon in Kingston.

Extension service workers and members of the Catherine Williams Homemakers Clubs, on of five MHV clubs in Adams County, enjoyed each other’s company — and several nibbles on their lines.

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“I haven’t caught any yet, but I’m going to catch one before it’s over,” Penny Rachal said.

Carter said there are 74 members in the various MHV groups in Adams County, and that they’ve won numerous awards at the state level for their participation in the organization.

“We have a very active group that’s all for giving back to the community,” Carter said.

“A bunch of them are retired teachers, and it’s not just extension people they help. They’re there for anyone’s needs.”

Mae Stanton, who has been a member since 1963 and was state vice-president of MHV from 2000 to 2001, said she’s enjoyed getting to experience everything the homemakers do.

“We do things like adopt a nursing home, then make bibs and lap throwers. We at one time did all the labeling for the clothes at one of the nursing homes,” Stanton said.

“We’ve also made dresses for Nicaraguan and Haitian children, as well as tote bags and all kinds of stuff.”

Stanton caught a couple of fish Friday, and said that she was no stranger to the sport.

“Me and my daddy would go fishing as a child. I love fishing. That was my sport (when I was a child),” she said.

Carter’s generosity to the group in allowing them to use his property to fish is something that stands out to Stanton, she said.

“This is the first (extension) agent who’s done this for us,” she said.

“He’s just a blessed, happy young man who loves people and has the ability to work with them.”

Rachal said she enjoys the MHV activities, but especially enjoys getting to spend time with the older ladies.

“Just having time to fellowship with them and grab all the wisdom I can is great,” Rachal said.

And she doesn’t mind getting away to fish, either.

“I’m just out here enjoying it after spending all week in the office and having childcare nights a few times this week,” Rachal said.