Newest addition to family fits right in

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 25, 2010

NATCHEZ — Bryan Geter is quite helpful around the house for a 10-month-old.

The newest edition to the Geter family pencils in time between crawling and day care to entertain his mother, Sue, 28, and father, Joey, 29, during their chores.

When The Dart landed on Margaret Avenue Wednesday afternoon, Bryan had just arrived at home from Adams County Christian School’s day care.

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Sue said it’s difficult to imagine what life was like less than a year ago, before Bryan was born, and nowadays everything she and her husband do involves “Bug.”

“He helps me with the laundry,” Joey said.

“He helped daddy study for the CPA exam,” Sue said.

Joey is working to get his CPA license and is employed at Silas Simmons, LLP.

“At night we watch baseball — or documentaries Sue doesn’t like to watch — after she goes to sleep,” Joey said.

Bryan also gets his own pillow during the Geter’s Sunday tradition. Since football season started, the Geters have set up a pallet on the floor in front of the big screen TV on Sundays to watch football all day. The pallet is equipped with lots of blankets and three pillows — one for Mom, Dad and Bryan.

“(Bryan) is an Ole Miss fan,” Sue said.

Bryan is the first grandchild of both sets of grandparents, and Sue said he is certainly a lucky little fellow to have so much attention and an overflowing stash of toys.

“He has enough Ole Miss apparel to sink a battleship,” Sue said.

Ten months in, the couple loves the joys of being new parents. They have also grown less protective now that Bryan is growing more independent and less fragile, Sue and Joey said.

Bumped heads are a daily occurrence these days and no longer require a call to the doctor, Joey said.

Sue remembers how small Bryan was when first came from the hospital, and admitted calling her doctor every week.

Since Bryan is almost ready for his first birthday, some of the worrying has subsided, and his parents get a kick out of Bryan’s inexhaustible capacity to play all day.

Sue said Bryan is a happy baby who loves to play, laugh and talk. He also loves playing with their three dogs, Ruby, Gus and Chester.

Joey and Sue have a well-balanced system to get through their daily routine.

Joey takes over in the morning, dressing Bryan, feeding him and usually bringing him to day care. Sue takes care of the baths — Bryan’s favorite part of the day — and picks him up from school. At night, Joey rocks Bryan to sleep in the living room chair.

Sue and Joey married five years ago and met in a social work class at Ole Miss when Sue was a senior and Joey was in graduate school.

Both said they love having a child, and it has completely changed their whole world.

“It’s not just about Sue and I anymore,” Joey said.

“There’s no going out late anymore.”

Joey said as much as friends and family tried to prepare them, actually raising a baby is something they had to learn to do as they went along.

“People would try to gives us a heads up, but it didn’t matter,” Joey said.

Joey said the couple is now well adjusted to their family of three. And with Joey’s parents living in Natchez and Sue’s parents living in Jackson — experienced babysitters are readily available.

“(Life with a baby) is a transition, but I love it,” Sue said.

“It’s nice being parents.”

As for expanding the family, Sue and Joey said they definitely want more children. Before they cross that road, however, Sue said they would like to give Bryan a little more time as the king of the house.