Parish talks drainage

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VIDALIA — Concordia Parish Police Jurors want to know that City of Vidalia construction plans won’t further complicate area drainage.

The jury voted Monday night to have the parish engineer meet with Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copleand to discuss drainage around the planned city complex and recreation facility.

Vidalia reportedly had a drainage impact study done of the areas.

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The jurors would like to hear details to that report, they said.

The new complexes will require additional drainage, and the jury has not yet seen a study for the areas.

Jury President Melvin Ferrington said Copeland would allow the jury to view the drainage impact study the City of Vidalia funded.

Jury member Joe Parker said an engineer needs to look at the study so work can be done.

“If we had enough trust to hire an engineer, we need to have enough trust to send him to City Hall to go down and look at the study,” he said.

Jury member Willie Dunbar said the study needs to be looked at and studied carefully to avoid more drainage issues in the parish.

“We need to know where the water is going and where it will be coming from,” he said. “We just need to make sure more water will not be poured on us.”

Ferrington said working together to figure out the drainage is going to be essential.

“I think the town, the recreation board and the police jury need to be working together,” he said. “It will help everything go smoother and be easier to deal with.”

After a 10-inch rain in August left many homes in Vidalia flooded, the 20-year-old drainage problem has been top of mind for many residents and leaders.

In other news:

A motion was passed to transfer $50,000 from the sales tax fund to the solid waste disposal fund.

A motion was also passed to transfer to the general fund $10,700, spread out from the highway maintenance fund, the drainage maintenance fund, the solid waste disposal fund and the sales tax fund.

The jury passed a motion to finish the cleanup work previously started at the Concordia Parish Airport.

The work will include taking down an old fence that stands on the property.

The jury adopted a resolution to make recommendation for Windell Millicks to fill Frank Duson’s vacant position as Justice of the Peace.

The vacancy will be filled until the election for the position on April 2, 2011

Duson left the position to run for Vidalia City Marshal.

The police jury was invited by Concordia Parish Industrial and Economic District Director Heather Malone to attend a meeting Nov. 15 regarding the regionalism efforts in the Miss-Lou.

Malone said government bodies from both Adams County and Concordia Parish will be present to discuss economic development for the Miss-Lou.

“Our first topic of discussion will be on what we have done so far, and we have been working toward,” she said. “We are going to try and get ideas from each while you are there.”