Republicans are criminals, give Dems time

Published 12:37 am Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The letter to the editor from Richard Pitchford in Sunday’s newspaper isn’t any truth, but hate.

Let’s set the story on the Republicans as: Reagan and Bush sell arms to Iran and South America, lying to the American people. For this people should have gone to prison. Nixon and his crew through Watergate crimes should have gone to prison. Bush and his crew that lied about the arms of mass destruction and entered a war that placed killed and injured our boys. They spent more than two trillion dollars on the war. They need to go to prison for taking the Bill of Rights from the American people during this time.

Obama has done more and has been more in the public telling his story than any president. People just forgot that the Republicans haven’t worked with this president since his election that has divided our country.

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He said it was going to take time that the economy wasn’t going to just come back with the snap of a finger. So, vote your feelings but I do hope you support the Democrats — the party of the working man. May God bless the United States!

Gene Simonton

Adams county resident