Don’t give up on NASD students

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 22, 2010

As I scan through The Natchez Democrat, I look for eye-catching topics. I am a lifetime Natchez resident and mother of four. All of my children are attending or have attended the Natchez-Adams public schools. So obviously, when I saw the topic “Local teachers are out of options,” I read it.

I come from a lower-middle class community and reared my children likewise. Yes, they are exposed to the trendy habits that are adopted by some communities, as well as other children. However, that does not give you the right to condemn the students of NASD.

The author wrote “the students I am describing make up nearly 90 percent of the student body,” basically, you are saying that there are only an average of two students per class who do not fit the dubious title that you have bestowed upon them.

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I have two children attending college, USM and Alcorn State, one is a senior at Natchez High and the other attends Robert Lewis Middle School. They were reared by a single parent most of their life. I said that to express that most of the children their age come from the same background. If the students of NASD were so illiterate and ignorant, the drop-out rate would be higher than the graduation list.

In reference to the author’s “challenge,” if you, as an educator, are responsible for the children of the less fortunate, then it is your responsibility to provide resources to those children and their families or maybe even acquaint them with the appropriate agencies that will assist them further.

Your job is not to condemn them but to commend them on whatever they may have accomplished. On the other hand, if you feel so bitter toward your students, maybe you should take interest in another career. You should never give up on the individuals that hold the future in their hands.

I speak for the parents of the district. I thank you for submitting that article, because it shares with us your thoughts about the children you teach.

Earline A. Collins

Natchez residen