Thanksgiving is one turkey of a day for children

Published 12:47 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NATCHEZ — Poor Thanksgiving. It’s just no Christmas.

Pilgrims, Indians and even the paper turkeys students at Prince Street Daycare wore on their heads Tuesday are supposed to be the stars of the show these days.

But for what holiday are children most thankful?

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It’s unanimous.

“Christmas! You get a lot of presents,” 8-year-old Le’shawna Hollins said with a grin.

And there’s the real reason.

“Jesus was born at Christmas,” said Tremaine Perry, 8, as he explained why Christmas is just oh-so-much better than Thanksgiving.

For some, the love of Christmas is rooted in the simple things.

“I pretty much like the color red,” said Kyla Baskin, 7.

In fact, three days before the turkey holiday, asking children to rank their favorite holidays simply doesn’t pan out well for Thanksgiving.

“After Christmas, I like Easter, then Valentine’s Day,” Hollins said.

Thanksgiving only had fleeting moments in the No. 2 spot with some children, but that’s before they were reminded of Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and even their own personal holiday.

“My birthday is the best holiday of all,” 8-year-old Tremaine Perry said.

Make no mistake, even though Thanksgiving is no Christmas, it is a good day.

“My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the eating,” said Walter Williams Jr., 11.

Most children were looking forward to bellies full of turkey and dressing, but a few had specific requests.

“I’ll eat crawfish and pecan pie,” 11-year-old Raenetta Robinson said.

Another favorite part of Thanksgiving will be hanging out with family, nearly all the children said.

“I’m thankful for my grandma,” Robinson said. “ She spoils me and gives me what I want but says I’ve got to get good grades in school.”

Nakira Reed, one of four siblings, has her favorite family member.

“My 8-year-old brother, he’s the best one out of them all,” she said. “He tells jokes and acts funny.”

Being thankful for family topped every list, and Cameron Givens, 10, appreciates the advice his family members provide.

“I’m thankful for my family and my friends, my niece, my uncle — that we are all still living,” Givens said. “And I’m thankful that my grandmother tells me what I’ve got to do when I grow up. She’s going to prepare me. She wants me to make my own decisions; don’t be a follower.”

Those are lessons Givens said he thinks he can follow throughout life, and that surely makes grandma more thankful than any Christmas present ever would.