Mother, daughter give gift of goodies

Published 2:28 am Monday, December 20, 2010

NATCHEZ — When it comes time to give Christmas presents to family and friends, Elizabeth Turner and her daughter Brittany don’t just run to the store and grab the first thing they see off the shelves.

They put a lot of heart and soul into their gifts.

And when The Dart landed on Auburn Avenue in Natchez on Saturday, it found mother and daughter working to get the Christmas presents just right for delivery.

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But it wasn’t toys or appliances they were assembling. They were in the process of baking a multitude of sweets and snacks for upwards of 35 people who would receive them.

Elizabeth has been baking goodies for about 20 years, and Brittany, who is now 23 and is studying at the University of Mississippi’s Medical Center in Jackson, has been helping her since she was in high school.

And when Brittany comes home for Christmas break, it’s to the kitchen.

“It’s a tradition me and her do,” Elizabeth said. “The weekend before Christmas we spend all our time in the kitchen making goodies. We will be cooking until late (Saturday) and all day (Sunday).”

Elizabeth’s other daughter Brooke, who is 18 and attends Copiah-Lincoln Community College, isn’t big in the kitchen. So they put her to work on the delivery route.

“Since she doesn’t cook it, she delivers it,” Brittany said. “Ever since she got her driver’s license, she’s been the delivery person.”

The goodies, which are bagged in Christmas wrapping paper and look professionally done, will be given to cousins, school friends, friends at work, and many other people.

Brittany estimated about 35-40 people would be receiving the baked goodies this year.

And despite the hard work in the kitchen, Elizabeth said she enjoys giving a personal gift.

“I just like to give to people and do things for people,” she said. “This is much more personal than something from a store. I really think about what I make for them. Some friends really like cheese balls, so I’ll make that for them. I really like doing this for them because I feel like it’s a gift from the heart.”