Shootings have robbed community

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the blink of an eye, poor judgment ruins lives. Two gun-related deaths have occurred in our community in recent weeks.

Two teenagers have been killed, leaving two families grieving during the holidays.

Local law enforcement investigators believe both deaths were accidental, but one may have had more dubious causes.

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The first case involved a stolen gun, family members who, investigators believe, tried to lie to cover up the details of the shooting.

If criminal wrongdoing has occurred in that case, we hope and pray our system of justice will work.

The second case appears to have been a tragic hunting accident. Our community has seen far too many of those in recent years.

Hunting and other firearms-related sports can be great fun, but must come with great responsibility and supervision.

The failure to have either can, as recent events have proven, result in grave consequences.

Our hearts go out to the families involved — both the victims’ and the ones who were nearby when the shootings occurred.

Although many of us often wish to simply leave such issues alone and not talk about them, area parents would be wise to take this tragedy and use it to possibly help prevent another one.

Parents, please talk through the details of the shootings and focus on good safety practices. Accidents can happen in a split second, but the consequences can last a lifetime. Education and parental guidance can help avoid such accidents, too.