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You might just be the one we need

Two, threes, fours and fives are becoming ones all around us. Just read the headlines.

Thursday night, two area chambers of commerce — Vidalia and Ferriday — will combine into one in Concordia Parish.

Four area counties and one parish — maybe even more — are working together to save the Natchez to Brookhaven railroad, seeking to become one railroad authority if needed.

Three area hospitals are routinely meeting as one Miss-Lou Regionalism subcommittee.

Four Natchez-based schools meet as one community education committee each month.

It’s simple math, right? Two, three, four and five all equal one.

Well, no journalist ever brags about being good at math, so it’s understandable that our staff is using a bit of fuzzy math for this year’s Profile 2011 edition.

Of course, there’s nothing fuzzy about it when you take off your mathematician hat and put on your community-minded sombrero.

Census numbers aren’t in yet, but we know this is a community of one.

And in our favorite publication of the year — Profile — we’ll share dozens of stories about this community of one.

The edition will publish Feb. 28, and our staff is finishing up the last few stories that will make the section truly great.

We do need a bit of help from you though. We have several story ideas on paper but are looking for a few main characters to take over the starring role in these non-fiction tales.

If you, anyone in your family or anyone you know might be the perfect fit for any of the following stories, please let me know. We’d love to tell your story.

– One body — We hope to tell the story of area baptisms. Were you sprinkled but your spouse dunked? Has either one of you been baptized a second time as a result? Were your children baptized by different methods and into churches of different denominations?

– Off at camp — Did you keep the heart-wrenching letters your son or daughter sent home while they were away at summer camp? Did they love it, hate it, say any very funny things?

– Time capsule — We are looking for area individuals, groups or communities that have buried a time capsule or dug one up.

– Wonderful No. 1 — It seems the first-born child gets all the attention, all the toys and all the privileges in life, or at least that’s how No. 2 and 3 feel. We’d like to talk to an adult group of siblings about that special family relationship and all the wars it created.

– One with the gang — Are you still close to a group of friends you’ve known since elementary school? We’d like to talk to a group of adults who have grown up as close friends and who remain friends.

– One with peace — Were you a real hippy? Are you still? If you can answer either question affirmatively, we want to talk to you.

– School community — Were you voted Mr. or Miss Natchez High School, North Natchez High or South Natchez High?

– Odd sights — Do you drive past something unique every day? A beached steamboat? An old column that you are sure has an important history? Let us know about those things you drive past daily but don’t fully understand.

– One true love — Did you keep the love letters from your sweetie?

– And finally, we want you to write a letter to future generations of area residents. Start your letter with “Life in my community today is …” then write whatever you’d like.

If you’d like to participate in any of these stories, contact me via the e-mail and phone number below.

You might just be the ONE for whom we are looking.

Julie Cooper is the managing editor of The Natchez Democrat. She can be reached at 601-445-3551 or julie.cooper@natchezdemocrat.com.


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