Grimmett wins top student title for second time

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 20, 2011

MONTEREY — Payton Grimmett is no stranger to being recognized for her accomplishments.

The 13-year-old Monterey High School student recently received the honor of Concordia Parish eighth-grade student of the year, just like she did three years ago when she was awarded fifth-grade student of the year for the parish.

“I was kind of looking forward to seeing if I would win it this year,” Grimmett said. “I wasn’t sure I would win, but I was going to apply for it anyway.”

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Grimmett said when they announced she won the award over the intercom at school her excitement reached a new level.

“Everyone started cheering and congratulating me,” she said. “It felt good.”

Grimmett said she has managed to make all As so far this year, a trend she has worked on since starting school.

“I make the occasional B,” she said. “But I do my best to make all As.”

Grimmett said being a cheerleader, a softball player, a good student, 4-H president, Fellowship of Christian Student member and a babysitter keeps her life busy, but she always has time to finish her homework.

“I have school, then cheerleading, and sometimes softball before I get home and help watch my little sister,” she said. “I do my homework, study for the next days classes and then start all over again.”

With seven classes a day, Grimmett said pre-algebra is her favorite class to attend.

“I really like it,” she said. “I just understand it, and I think that is why.”

Grimmett said she plans on going to the University of Southern Mississippi when she graduates high school, but until then she is going to keep on working hard.

“It is very important to take school seriously and do well,” she said. “What you do in junior high and high school determines what you do in college. The effort you put forth will transfer over into the next part of your life, so you need to work hard.”

While she originally wanted to be a beautician, Grimmett said becoming a dentist is her newest dream job.

“When I was little the dentist would let me help clean my sister’s teeth,” she said. “I guess that got me interested in wanting to be a dentist.”

Grimmett said her English teacher, Jodee Trent, is one of the role models in her life that has helped her acquire a desire to learn.

“She inspires me,” she said. “She is a good teacher and she is very good with her students. She makes learning fun.”

With one more year of junior high left, Grimmett said she is going to stay focused so she can hopefully win eighth grade student of the year for the state and maybe even capture 12th grade student of the year in 2015.

The title is only awarded to students in fifth, eighth and 12th grades.

Grimmett is the daughter of Ashley and David Powell and Ben Grimmett.