Generous community steps up

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 28, 2011

The decision-makers at Pleasant Acre Day School re-learned a lesson this week that they’ve been taught before — Ask and you shall receive.

The non-profit agency for special adults has always had a special place in the hearts of many Natchezians.

The day school operates on a shoestring budget based nearly entirely on donations. The school generates a small amount of money for itself by running two small shops.

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When something goes wrong, the community steps up to help.

Before Christmas, the school’s fence was in need of repair. The day the need was publicized, calls started pouring in. By week’s end, the fence had been repaired.

This week, the heating and cooling unit died unexpectedly. The replacement unit cost $4,000.

But soon the unit’s provider dropped the price by $1,000. The remainder of the needed funds came quickly in the form of donations from the community and a local bank.

It’s heart warming to know that when a do-good non-profit needs help in Natchez, help is right around the corner.

Thank you to those who stepped up to the plate to help out. Stories like the one at Pleasant Acre remind us all how great our community is.

Now, hopefully the folks at Pleasant Acre know that if there is a need, they must simply raise their hand to ask for help.

Natchez will do what it can.