Brown, MDOT helped Natchez

Published 12:07 am Sunday, January 30, 2011

I read with interest recently of the large, twin-engine helicopters being used to transport patients rapidly from Natchez to other hospitals.

These machines have additional room for more life-saving resources and can fly during rougher weather. They are equipped to manage patients more efficiently while flying them to their destination.

I recall that the helipad that is being used was constructed in Natchez a few years ago.  It was funded by the Mississippi Department of Transportation when Natchez’s own, Butch Brown, was at the helm. This landing area can accommodate all present-day MedEvac helicopters with a space that is much safer for patients and personnel. It is a terrific asset for our community.

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Butch and MDOT did many great things for Natchez during his watch that carry on even today

Thanks Butch. Get well soon.

Ed Field