Doers are leading community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our community is filled with a diverse population of residents. The Natchez area is filled with young, old, rich, poor, black, white and all shades in between.

Our community has a few leaders, and our community has a number of followers.

We have perpetually happy folks and chronically negative ones.

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Increasingly, however, another group of residents is growing in stature and impressing us — the doers.

These are people who simply get things done, seemingly with little attempt to draw great attention or seek glory.

Doers dreamt up the Christmas in Natchez event two years ago and have made it come to fruition and grow in its second year.

A few years ago, doers took on the challenge to raise approximately $400,000 to provide a local-funding match for the Natchez Trails Project, the first phase of which is nearly complete.

Doers looked at the Mississippi River and thought, “Natchez could host a world-class kayak race,” eventually giving birth to the Phatwater Kayak Challenge.

Two more groups of potential doers — the Green Alliance and Keep Natchez-Adams County Beautiful — have joined the organization of doers, the Community Alliance.

Our community is blessed to have such a group of doers who are committed to making the community a better place and turn “dreams” into “dones.”

We’re thankful for all of the doers involved in the Community Alliance and look forward to more great community projects from the group.