Crime Stoppers fee is great line of thinking

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 4, 2011

Creative fundraising is something government overlooks too often.

When tax dollars bankroll your salary, it becomes easy to expect them to fund every need. But tough economic times, citizens fed up with government spending and a growing community need can force change.

Thankfully, local leaders recently became creative — and logical — to fund upcoming Crime Stoppers rewards.

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The Natchez Board of Aldermen passed, Monday night, an ordinance that will add a fee of up to $2 to every misdemeanor crime.

The person committing the crime — parking tickets and registration violations excluded — will pay the fee through the Mississippi Office of Public Safety Planning.

The money will in turn fund rewards given by the local Crime Stoppers project for tips that lead to an arrest in a crime.

Donations and fundraisers are currently the only funding sources for the Miss-Lou Crime Stoppers.

More money is needed to give adequate rewards, Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins has said.

Now, the folks committing crime can pay for their own capture, in a way.

Alderman James “Ricky” Gray made the motion that got the ball rolling, and we are glad to see Gray and other aldermen supporting such creative thinking.

A few more of these ideas and the quality of life may get even better in Natchez.