Icy patches may still be on roads

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 5, 2011

NATCHEZ — With the brunt of the ice, sleet and rain out of the area, Miss-Lou residents still need to be cautious this morning when they drive according to the National Weather Service in Jackson.

Even though the rain stopped Friday afternoon, the freezing temperatures from Friday night could cause icy patches, from remaining pools of water that did not dry out, on area roads today, NWS meteorologist Daniel Lamb said.

“You need to exercise extra caution if you plan on venturing out in the morning hours. You need to especially watch out for elevated surfaces of bridges,” he said. “We just want to stress to use extra caution. There is not going to be a solid sheet of ice, but there may be patches of it as you drive.”

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Lamb said the Miss-Lou received approximately a quarter inch of ice on Thursday night and Friday morning, but the rising temperatures and the rainfall melted most of the ice.

“We expect the temperature to continue to rise (today),” he said. “This should get rid of most of the icy conditions.”

Lamb said temperatures on Saturday should reach a high in the mid 40s, and the weather should clear up for more favorable conditions.

“We should have sunny skies with no rain (today),” he said. “It will still be pretty chilly, but the majority of the bad conditions will be cleared up.”

Lamb said there are chances of rain for Sunday and Monday, but no possibilities of ice.

“The precipitation should remain in liquid form only,” he said. “The temperatures will also be more moderate with highs in the low 50s.”

Entergy Communications Manager Joey Lee said Thursday’s storms did cause some power outages, but all reported outages from the storm have been fixed.

“The good news is that we had very minimal weather-related outages,” he said. “They have all been taken care of, and everyone has their power back.”

Lee said Entergy is not expecting any outages to occur over the weekend.

“If we do see any outages, we are prepared and ready to fix them at all times,” he said.