Changes to pageant are overdue

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natchez’s history is what not only put our community on the map, but keeps it there, too.

Years ago, our area’s tourism industry was, in the eyes of some people, seen as a study in the “haves” vs. the “have nots.”

People who did not possess the financial means to own a large, antebellum home often viewed tourism as something that benefitted others, and thus was unimportant.

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Increasingly, the community has realized that the tourism industry is important to our community. It touches just about ever person in this community in some form or fashion.

That’s why we celebrate the pending changes to one of the area’s most famous tourism events, the Historic Natchez Tableaux.

Through the years, the tableaux has gone through many changes and the latest set of changes set to debut next month were long overdue.

The show had become dated and needed an overhaul.

Portions of the show had become more about local tradition than about entertaining guests.

More important, the show lacked acknowledgement of the vast contributions and importance of both the Natchez Indians and the African American community.

The changes on tap should speed up the pace of the show a bit, which will make it more appealing to tourists, and should be more entertaining.

Hopefully, the changes will accomplish the original purpose of the tableaux — to provide nightly entertainment to tourists during Spring Pilgrimage in hopes of having those tourists extend their stay a little.

Customers of such programs are the best indicator of its success or failure, and we look forward to seeing more seats in the auditorium filled as the quality of the show improves.