Cast your ‘purrfect’ vote today

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 12, 2011

NATCHEZ — Even those who lean toward the “dog-person” category cannot deny the special relationship between pet owners and their cats.

“There’s just something special about those kitty cats,” said Susan Mingee, a self-proclaimed “cat woman” and Humane Society board member.

Regardless of furry allegiances, today offers a chance for pet-people of all types to help the humane society by voting at the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society Most Purrfect Cat Photo Contest.

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Voters can cast a ballot for the cat they deem the “most purrfect” at the Natchez Mall today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each $1 vote will be donated to the humane society.

Fifty-two residents who think their cat is the “most purrfect” submitted pictures of their pet for the contest, but today the public gets to choose an official winner.

Participants can cast their vote near Taco Casa inside the front entrance of the mall.

This year is the third-annual purrfect cat contest, Mingee said.

The cat that receives the most votes will be named Most Purrfect Cat 2011 and will receive a gift basket, a crown and have its photo submitted to The Democrat.

The money raised will go to support the daily operations fund of the humane society, she said.

Mingee said she created the cat contest in 2009 to have a special event for cat owners of Miss-Lou, since most of the humane society events focus on dogs.

Cats don’t do well out in the public, so the cat photo contest made the most sense, she said.

Mingee said the shelter is a tough environment, especially for cats.

“Cats naturally like to run and jump and play, and their mobility is limited in the cages,”

Also, cats cannot be let out in the yard like the dogs.

There are approximately 25 cats and 100 dogs at the humane society at this time, she said.

Residents can see all of the cats and dogs up for adoption at the humane society’s new website,

This event has raised $4,500 for the Humane Society in the first two years of its existence, and Mingee said she is hopeful that the Miss-Lou’s support will make this year’s event just as successful.