Checkered flag waves for Boy Scouts

Published 12:08 am Sunday, February 13, 2011

NATCHEZ — Some of Natchez’s top racers met for a head-to-head, double-elimination drag race to the bottom of a hill on Saturday.

There were dragsters, sports cars and even a purple and gold car filled with LSU pride.

Natchez Cub Scouts Troop 168 all raced their pinewood derby cars at First Presbyterian Church’s gymnasium Saturday morning.

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The 13 competitors from ages 6 to 10 each had their own hand made car that they designed.

Troop leader Shana Hargon said the troop gets to build one car a year in preparation for the annual competition.

“The kids have been working for about a month on these cars,” she said. “It is always a fun time when they get to race them.”

Hargon said the race on Saturday was practice for the junior racers who will be going to McComb on Feb. 26 to compete in the district race.

“This is just kind of a fun run, where everyone wins,” she said. “Our motto here is for everyone to do their best, and they all have.”

Nine-year-old Bear Scout Hayden White built a black dragster for his derby car, which even featured a miniature driver. White said this was his third year to build a car and he hoped it was a winner.

“I want to win today, but I really hope I win when we go to McComb,” he said.

White also said it took a lot of work to get his car in order.

“We couldn’t find a plain block of wood at first so we had to cut it out of something else,” he said. “We just finished it (Friday).”

Wolf Scout Fletcher Mims built a white car with red wheels for the derby and said he ran out of time before he could add the blue to it.

“I wanted to make an American Flag car,” he said. “Red and white will have to do.”

Eight-year-old Mims said this was his second time to build a car and that he really enjoys competing in the races.

“I like when they go really fast down the track,” he said. “I wish we could race more often.”

Mims said he loves being in the Scouts. “We get to do so much cool stuff like race these cars and go camping,” he said. “It is always fun.”