Redneck Adventures to host annual squirrel hunt this week

Published 12:05 am Sunday, February 13, 2011

NATCHEZ — Local TV show Redneck Adventures is gearing up to host its ninth annual squirrel hunt Friday and Saturday.

The hunt allows handicapped and special needs children a chance to chase squirrels while having support from other hunters when trying to take a squirrel.

Jimmy Allgood, co-host for the show, said this year’s group would be heavily focused on children from the Miss-Lou.

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“Most of the special needs folks that are part of our Redneck Adventures Miss-Lou outdoors program are from the Miss-Lou,” Allgood said.

“This is a great thing in my opinion, because many business, local landowners and squirrel dog owners that help us are also from the area. It’s a true sense of dollars and cents being used in the Miss-Lou.”

Friday will consist of the special needs group who will have a hunt dedicated exclusively to them at various local hunting grounds, Allgood said.

That evening, guests from all over the region will come into town for the annual get-together at the Riverview RV Park.

“We have to give a special thanks to Cappy Stahlman and Riverview for hosting the crowd, which will top the usual 100-plus folks mark,” Allgood said.

Guests will be treated to live country music as well as special foods prepared by chef “Red” Bob Owens, and the Carriage House Restaurant’s Richard “Bingo” Starr.

“Friday night will be a meet-and-greet, and be sort of an awareness gathering for those in attendance that help Redneck Adventures do these outdoor events,” Allgood said.

On Saturday, Allgood said the special needs children will be dispersed into different groups and will get to spend time with other guests until approximately 1 p.m.

“Each year we have a friendly competition where Lance Beesley and his team have take home the top honors for the past several years,” Allgood said.

As big as the event has become in the last nine years, Allgood said he’s always open to adding new lands for guests to hunt on.

“If any landowners or other outdoors offering folks would like to find out about becoming a part of our team, please feel free to give me a call,” Allgood said.

Allgood can be reached at 601-597-6658.