School enjoys gift from governor’s wife

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 14, 2011

MONTEREY — Monterey High School first and second graders have been living in a high-tech world since November and they have Gov. Bobby Jindal’s wife Supriya to thank.

The school received a smart board, a laptop and a projector for two second-grade classrooms and one first-grade classroom.

The school received the new equipment through the Supriya Jindal Foundation, an educational foundation partnered with AT&T that looks at for high performing schools throughout the state and then rewards them with things such as new classroom equipment.

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MHS Principal John Bostic said the equipment has been up and running since November, but Louisiana’s first lady stopped by the school Jan. 27 to give the students and teachers an example of how to use the new equipment.

“It was such an honor to be able to receive the grant and the equipment and to have (Jindal) come in and visit the classroom and the students,” he said. “It was very exciting for the students and the teachers to have her come here and put on a presentation.”

Bostic said MHS already had some of the new, technology-based classroom equipment for the older students’ classrooms, and the new equipment for the younger students was a much-needed help.

“This new technology is something that most schools around the country are looking at getting, and there is big push in the parish to have them,” he said. “Children, younger children especially, are attracted to the new technology. It draws their attention so much more easily at such a young age.”

Bostic said anything that can make learning more fun and enjoyable for students is important for schools to have.

“Anything you can do that will add to a lesson is definitely a benefit,” he said. “These smart boards are just another way for teachers to present information to the students, and the students love technology.”

Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from the new technology, Bostic said.

“Teachers are able to load their lessons straight from the computer onto the smart board,” he said. “If you save them there, you are able to keep the same lessons there for next year to use again.”

Bostic said there are currently companies that are making lesson plans for the smart board that teachers will be able to download and use in the future.

One of the functions from the new equipment that has students more involved in their work during the day is the remote control clicker that allows students to answer questions while in class, Bostic said.

“This isn’t just a yes or no type of question. It gives the students an opportunity to be more involved in their school work,”

Bostic said the new equipment has been working well since the school received it.

“The teachers have caught on quickly and it took off right away,” he said. “I am very proud that our students were recognized for their work and we were able to receive this equipment.”