What a great day to love the Miss-Lou

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Miss-Lou, we love you.

It’s Valentine’s Day, right? We are supposed to express our feelings. And how could we not feel love for our great community after all the fun we had last week?

Let’s review some of the news we all learned about last week.

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• Louisiana Technical College’s Shelby M. Jackson Campus has found the perfect use for the former Huntington School. The college is borrowing the campus while renovation work is ongoing at its own campus down the road. What a great use for the empty space.

• The Natchez Business and Civic League honored several key citizens Friday night at its annual banquet.

Congratulations to the Man of the Year, Willie James Carter and the Woman of the Year, Queen Wilson, and all the other recipients.

• The Natchez-Adams County Humane Society had another successful “Most Purrfect Cat” Contest Saturday. We love these animal-centered fundraisers and know the community does, too.

• Approximately 300 guests filled town Friday and Saturday for the district Kiwanis Club mid-winter conference. It’s always great to host a large conference, but better when the attendees are all so civic-minded.

So as you share this special day with your loved ones, remember to share a little love for the community around you. It’s certainly worthy.