Black History Month parade canceled

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 17, 2011

NATCHEZ — This year’s black history month parade set for Saturday has been canceled, Director of Natchez Cultural Heritage Tourism Darrell White said.

White is also director of Natchez Association for the Preservation of Afro-American Culture.

The parade is cancelled because of the large amount of other projects taking place at this time and because White did not receive enough participation, support and funding until too late into the cycle to organize the parade.

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He said would not have attempted to put on a last-minute parade, even if it would have been possible.

“In a tribute to history and heritage, there’s no excuse to do it haphazardly,” White said.

White said any person who would like to help with organizing next year’s parade or help with any other existing projects can contact him at NAPAC at 601-445-0728.