Butch Brown should be applauded

Published 12:15 am Friday, February 18, 2011

I read the letter from Mr. Chuck Fields concerning Mississippi Department of Transportation Director Butch Brown and agree completely.

I want to be the next person to say, “Thank you, Butch, for a job well done in Natchez, Adams County and the entire State of Mississippi.”

To Mr. Hall and Mr. Taggert — What more could you want from a director? Maybe someone who will play your type politics?

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What you did to Mr. Brown, when and the way you did it is as cold and heartless as the people that pick up a gun, go to a gathering and kill people. If you were my relative or friend I would be ashamed of you. As a citizen of Mississippi I carry that shame.

My opinion is the termination of Mr. Brown is politically motivated and should not have occurred. But if you had to do this, the timing and manner was so terribly wrong. I do believe justice will be done in this matter.

Once again, I agree with Mr. Fields. I do not think you have heard the last of Butch Brown.

Jerry McDaniel

Natchez resident