Former Natchez High siblings to take opposite sides of field

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 21, 2011

NATCHEZ — Cameron and Kendall Logan had played baseball together for most of their lives.

But Saturday and Sunday, the brothers will be in an unfamiliar situation when they take the field on opposing sides.

Cameron, the eldest brother, is a redshirted junior at Texas Southern, while Kendall is a junior at Jackson State. The two teams will face off for a three-day series Saturday and Sunday.

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The Logan brothers played together while attending Natchez High School, and again at Copiah-Lincoln Community College from 2008 to 2009. Now that they play for different teams, there’s been no shortage of smack talk between the two brothers.

“We’re going to win (this weekend),” Cameron said. “We’ve always had a friendly, brotherly rivalry.

“When we’d go fishing, we’d always have to catch the biggest fish or the most fish. Or, when we went hunting, we always had to kill a deer. I was always taking his deer out of the woods instead of my own, but it gave me a chance to work out and get a little bit stronger.”

Kendall said Friday that he’s been keeping up with his brother leading up to the game, and he’s not buying into the idea that Texas Southern will come out on top.

“We talked about it (Thursday) night, and he was saying that they were going to win, and just giving me some friendly trash talk,” Kendall said. “But I just know that we’re going to beat them.

“They don’t stand a chance, let me put it like that. I’m predicting a (series) win for Jackson State.”

Kendall also said that the two brothers’ rivalry extends far beyond baseball.

“We were always competitive against each other in everything,” he said. “Baseball, basketball and football. If we played golf, we’d compete against each other.”

Cameron said playing against his brother will be kind of awkward, given that they’ve played together most of their lives.

“On one hand, I want to see him do well, but I want to see him get out,” Cameron said. “If we end up winning, I can talk a little smack back to him. If he does well, and I’m on the other side, I have to hold back and wait until after the game to celebrate a little.”

Unfortunately for Cameron, he’ll be regulated to designated hitter duties while recovering from a torn meniscus.

“Beginning this month, they released me to practice at full speed,” Cameron said. “I should be back at first by the end of this month or the beginning of March.”

If Kendall wants to help lead Jackson State to victory, Cameron said Kendall would have to come at him with all he’s got.

“No matter what though, he’s my brother, and I’ll always love him,” Cameron said.