Natchez police seek man in assault case

Published 2:16 pm Thursday, February 24, 2011

NATCHEZ — The Natchez Police Department is on the lookout for a 58-year-old male who allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend and then took off with approximately $700 from her purse.

According to reports from the NPD, Larry Hall was at his sister’s house on Little Street in Natchez, when Judy White stopped by.

According to the report, White said Hall jumped on her then proceeded to hit her in the head and kick her in the leg.

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Hall then allegedly took the money from White’s purse and left the house walking.

White had a bruise on her left hand and her face.

White also advised the NPD that Hall usually stands on the corner of Minor Street, but after checking the corner, Hall has still not been found.

Anyone with any information regarding the case can contact the NPD at 601-445-5565.