Braswell says rumors are malicious

Published 12:16 am Friday, March 4, 2011

NATCHEZ — Robert W. “Bobby” Braswell said he is low-key person who welcomes the healthy competition of an election, but he does not appreciate rumors that have been circulating since he qualified as a candidate for District 1 supervisor of Adams County.

Braswell said he has been hearing more talk lately that he operates a nudist bed and breakfast at his restored Buckhurst Plantation Road home.

Braswell said in 2009 he and his wife, Grace, began getting “suspicious calls” from people that read posts on the Internet suggesting the Braswells operated a nudist bed and breakfast.

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Since he has announced his candidacy, he has received more allegations that he is involved in a nudist operation, Braswell said.

“It’s a malicious attempt to discredit my name,” Braswell said.

Grace said she and Bobby have not operated their home as a technical bed and breakfast, other than inviting friends, family, business contacts and mutual friends a place to stay.

Grace said some information the Braswells posted on the Internet was tampered with, and the pictures and information was pulled off their site and attached to other sites without permission.

The alleged bed and breakfast operation has been falsely advertised and associated with numerous off-color sites, such as Grace said.

Bobby said rumors about a nudist bed and breakfast establishment had been basically squashed since they surfaced in 2009, but the rumors are now resurfacing since his candidacy has put him in the public eye.

“Anybody can make up a lie about somebody,” Braswell said.

Grace said especially since she and Bobby have five children between them, the rumors are irritating.

She said worrying about the rumors is a waste of her time, but Bobby said he takes the allegations and intent of the allegations seriously.

Bobby, who owns a construction and granite company, said he has never been in politics before.

He wants to bring more positive energy to the board of supervisors and use his business experience and expertise to run the county like a business and spend taxpayers’ money wisely.