Local customer service was shocking

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2011

This letter is being submitted to discuss my highly disturbing dining experience at a local Mexican restaurant last weekend.

Initially, the greeting was polite, yet when I received my favorite dish, I noticed its peculiar presentation and that it had a strange, disturbing aroma. Immediately, I discussed this with my server and was told that only the manager would be able to address this issue; thus, she was then called to our table.

After expressing my concerns with her and my desire to exchange the dish for something else, I was told very matter-of-factly that the dish was cooked fine and there was nothing wrong with it except that I did not like it and that because food “nowadays” costs so much, there was no way I was getting something else.

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I was then told by this manager that even if I was given another entrée, not only would I pay for that one, but the original dish as well.

Assuming she did not comprehend my original request, I attempted to explain it again which is when she told me that the server would be made to pay for it even if I did not. The manager then walked off abruptly, retrieved and passed the bill to me with the entrée still present that I had not eaten.

In order to avoid a scene, I went ahead and paid for it and vowed that I, nor my family, would ever again step foot through their doors.

After leaving, I contacted both managers and left messages but have yet to receive a response of any kind from either of them.

As a professional and one who understands on many levels the importance of customer service and effective communication, I was amazed that this kind of rude and condescending behavior from a stated service professional still occurs.

For any business endeavor to be successful, proficient execution of customer service must be the priority, thereby ensuring that the legitimate concerns of each and every guest that makes the choice to dine in their establishment is immediately addressed and resolved as best possible.

Absolutely no one should be literally forced to financially compensate any business for a service which they did not receive and then be highly disrespected on top of it.

Jenetria L. Thomas

Natchez resident