Utilizing river is smart move for us all

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2011

Play to your strengths. It’s a strategy that countless sports coaches have used for literally centuries.

It’s a lesson that also carries over into modern day business strategy, too.

Emphasizing ones assets is among the best ways to succeed in sports, business or life.

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For our community to succeed, we must do the same.

Few would argue that our area is blessed with an asset that not every community in the country has — access to the country’s mightiest river.

The Mississippi River is why we’re here. The river and the bluffs that overlook them are top reasons the Natchez Indians settled in the area and is among the reasons Europeans chose to settle here and never leave.

The City of Vidalia has done a great job in taking advantage of its river access by developing what was an ugly, barren piece of riverfront property into the envy of most nearby river towns.

The Vidalia riverfront development project began as a dream, a dream to create both economic development opportunities for the city, but also to give citizens free access to the amazing Mississippi River.

Vidalia’s leaders have set the bar for other communities, including Natchez.

Developing our riverfront assets to be the best they can be only makes sense — economically, aesthetically and historically.

Playing to our strengths first requires a game plan and then a willing team and able coaching. Our area has what it takes to develop both sides of the river to be world-class destinations. But we’ve got to start working soon and working together.