Cathedral, ACCS enjoy facing each other on diamond

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 7, 2011

NATCHEZ — After a 14-4 home win for Adams County Christian over Cathedral Tuesday night, the two schools were set to face each other again Friday.

The game would have been a home game for Cathedral, which scheduled a home-and-home two-game series with the Rebels. But thanks to wet conditions Friday, the matchup was postponed.

Cathedral coach Craig Beesley said he hoped to reschedule the game sometime in April. Despite the two schools strong desire to play each other, Beesley said there hasn’t been enough time for a real cross-town rivalry to develop yet.

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“We’ve only been playing for two years, so there’s really no rivalry there,” he said. “We only started playing private schools the last couple of years, and them being a local school, it really worked out for us when we picked them up last year.”

Beesley said instead that any rivalry between the two wasn’t something the coaches put a lot of thought into.

“It’s something the fans talk about, but we don’t really look at it as something we can brag about if we win,” he said. “It’s just another game. The two teams being in-town is the only difference.”

ACCS head coach Hunter McKeivier said the chance for his players to face off with friends was also an advantage to having a series with Cathedral.

“It kind of brings you back to Dixie Youth, where they were playing one another,” McKeivier said.

“We played Amite School Center (last Monday) to a 9-4 win, but we didn’t play very sharp. Then Tuesday, we came out and probably played our best game of the year to date.”

And McKeivier said his players wanting to play their best against other players they know personally had a lot to do with that.

“I think it had more to do with them focusing in on playing against one another,” he said. “Maybe they looked at what we struggle with against Amite and knew they had to change it against Cathedral.”

Cathedral will travel to Monterey Tuesday. ACCS will play at Wilkinson County Christian Academy Tuesday.

Vidalia’s baseball team earned a split last week, falling to West Feliciana 6-4 last Tuesday before beating Peabody 8-6 Thursday.

Vidalia’s one-two combo of Nathan Bozeman and Caleb Vines at the top of the order proved to be a big difference in run production for the Vikings. They scored five of Vidalia’s eight runs against Peabody.

“They were huge for us,” Vikings coach Tim Herndon said. “They got on base and we had some guys put the ball in play and get them around the bases.”

Herndon said both Bozeman and Vines have good eyes and good speed on the basepaths.

“It always seems to be one of those guys who will make contact and get on base,” Herndon said.

Vidalia will host Oak Grove Tuesday.