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Storms brush Miss-Lou

NATCHEZ — Despite multiple severe weather watches and warnings through the night Tuesday, the Miss-Lou escaped with only minor damage.

Adams County Emergency Management Director Stan Owens said the county was very fortunate to receive as little damage as it did.

“We threaded the needle again,” he said. “There were several intense storms that went to the east and west of us.”

Owens said Natchez received approximately 2.5 inches of rain, while the southern part of the county saw approximately 4.5 inches in some places.

Two tornados touched down in the state. The National Weather Service confirmed that an F2 tornado touched down in Terry and an F1 tornado touched down in Utica.

Owens said these two tornados probably caused many of the storm cells the Miss-Lou encountered.

While heavy damage was avoided, Owens did say Sedgefield Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Street experienced mudslides due to the excessive rain.

Owens said road crews have already cleaned the mudslides off the road, making the safe to travel.

Sedgefield Road resident Beatrice Morgan said due to erosion, she was left with an eight-to-10-foot hole on the road in front of her house.

“The rain washed half of the street off,” she said. “Half of the road is just cut off.”

Morgan said the hole happened Wednesday morning after the rain had moved out of the area.

“Some buses had passed over the spot where the hole is, earlier in the morning,” she said. “The road caved in on a road crew member right under his feet this morning when he came to clean the street.”

Morgan also said behind her house a 20-to-30-foot drop turned into a 40-to-50-foot drop due to the rain.

“All the water that comes down the street comes behind and to the side of my house,” she said.

“About 10 years ago they had cut a pipe to help with the drainage down here and they cut it too short. Ever since then there have been problems.”

Morgan said heavy rains always cause problems at her residence, and she wants something done to help the problem.

“The erosion has totally taken out certain parts of where I live,” she said.

“When it rains a lot here, the whole area looks like a lake. Something needs to happen to help fix this problem.”

Owens said Jeff Davis Boulevard, Kingston Road, Carthage Point and most low-lying areas saw some flooding.

“There was just a lot of rain,” he said. “These low-lying areas next to creeks and other bodies of water are always at risk of flood, especially with that much rain.”

Owens said he had only heard one report of a house receiving flood damage in the county.

Concordia Parish Police Jury President Melvin Ferrington said the parish was also able to walk away unscathed from the weather.

“We survived the rain very well,” he said. “We had some crews go out and check all over the parish (Wednesday) morning, and from our check we did not have any houses under water.”

Ferrington said while the streams and creeks are full, he anticipates everything returning back to normal provided that the weather dries up.

“The streams should drain out very well,” he said. “What we had to deal with was minor.”

Owens said that while the water level in the county’s streams and creeks should cause no concern, the rainfall’s impact on the Mississippi River is something to look at.

“It is suppose to crest on March 23 now right at the flood stage of 48 feet,” he said.

“There are no major concerns, but we are hoping to get a break from the rain so the level will drop enough so we can make it to the spring flood season.”

Owens also advised residents to watch out for Friday because there is a possibility of freezing temperatures overnight Thursday.

“This weather has been killing us,” he said.

“We had a cool winter, and we are setting up for a wet spring, if spring would ever get here.”


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