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Sides truly join forces on roads

Once upon a time, the City of Natchez and Adams County didn’t get along with one another.

One was always Cinderella, the other the wicked stepsisters. Exactly which political entity served in which role depended upon whom you asked, and which entity had more cash at the moment.

Fortunately at least a few of those silly, arbitrary divisions seem fast becoming things of the past.

Joining forces on regionalism and economic development, the City of Natchez and Adams County are, in fact, playing well together, at least on certain games.

But the most recent — and arguably most impressive — show of this came a week or so ago when the most sacred public commodity was shared across city-county lines — asphalt.

The line between disgruntled and satisfied motorists is merely an inch or two thick and the line that marks where Adams County ends and Natchez begins is, well, non-existent — all of the city is squarely inside the county.

In a remarkable move of common sense, a few Adams County supervisors decided to put taxpayers’ money where it appeared most needed — even if that need was inside the city.

During a recent county road-paving project, both supervisors suggested that some the worst roads in their districts were, in fact, inside the city limits. So a few downtown streets quickly received a much-needed overlay of asphalt, courtesy of good county leadership.

We applaud the supervisors for seeing past the age-old city vs. county debate and realizing that all taxpayers need to be represented equally.