Residents wake to car burglaries

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NATCHEZ — Several Natchez residents woke up Monday morning to find their cars rifled through and items stolen.

The Natchez Police Department received 14 reports of the overnight burglary of vehicles.

Most of the reports came from South Union Street. Three vehicles were burglarized on South Pearl Street, and others were reported on South Commerce Street, State and Washington streets.

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Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins said while nothing was stolen from the majority of the vehicles, a .22 caliber Smith and Wesson gun, one Apple iPad and two Samsung phones are missing. He said one of the car owners found a Casio watch in his vehicle that did not belong to him.

Mullins said there is evidence that the suspect or suspects tried to unsuccessfully open the doors of one locked vehicle.

“These (burglarized) vehicles were open,” Mullins said. “It’s routine for us to work car burglaries where vehicles were not locked and items were left in the car.”

Mullins said the police department has a good idea of the suspect.

“We have evidence of who the suspect is from the scene of one of the attempted burglaries,” Mullins said. “We are trying to locate the suspect now. We believe he acted alone.”

Mullins said following the night of the burglaries, several people reported they heard dogs barking and unusual noises outside.

“We encourage people if they suspect something happening to call and have us check,” Mullins said. “If someone called, we might have been able to apprehend the suspect. We are looking for that kind of activity at night.”

Mullins encouraged the public to take valuables out of vehicles and lock car doors.

“If you have an expensive stereo or equipment, we recommend you buy an alarm system for vehicle,” he said. “We consistently work cases where vehicles are unlocked, and we encourage the public not to leave their vehicles unlocked.”