Ferriday student focused on others

Published 12:01 am Thursday, March 31, 2011

ERIC J. SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Ferriday Junior High School’s T’nia Davis, 11, is an exceptional student, and she aspires to become a doctor when she gets older.

FERRIDAY — If you ask 11-year-old T’Nia Davis what showing good citizenship means, she will tell you one simple thing.

“It’s just being nice,” she said.

It was her flair for being nice that ultimately led to Davis’ recent good citizenship award for the sixth grade at Ferriday Junior High School, and she said she was proud to have the honor.

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“Being a good citizen means the teachers enjoy having you in the classroom and that they are happy to see you when you walk in the door,” she said. “And you help others when they need it. It’s simple.”

Davis’ desire to help others isn’t left solely at school. She said since third grade she has wanted to become a doctor to continue helping people throughout her life.

“Being a doctor might seem hard, but I think I would like it,” she said. “I just really love helping people.”

Being a doctor takes hard work, and Davis is already on the right track, making As and a few Bs on her report card.

“You always have to try your hardest so you can get the best,” she said. “If you don’t try you won’t get the best scholarships or jobs that are there.”

Davis puts even more effort into her schooling through service with the 4-H and Beta Clubs. She is also a teller for the school’s Bank at School program.

Davis said she really enjoys science because of the way it makes her think.

“I really love the experiments and how to test everything,” she said. “It makes my mind function a lot.”

When she is not doing schoolwork, Davis said she spends the rest of her time reading or going to her church, The Kingdom Hall.

“Church is half my life. I need it,” she said. “It is just so interesting learning about all the things that Jesus has done.”

While at church, Davis gets to read from her favorite book, the Bible.

“It’s just such a good message,” she said. “I love reading the different stories.”

One thing Davis also loves to do is help her family by taking care of her grandpa and cousin that are currently living with her.

“My grandpa had knee surgery and my cousin had his leg removed, so when I get home I help my family out every day,” she said. “You have to be there for you family.”

T’Nia is the daughter of Tommy and Kneishia Davis.