Courthouse records:April 1-7

Published 1:01 pm Friday, April 8, 2011

Adams County

April 1-7

Civil suits filed

In Re: Dorothy Sue Collins.

Ex Parte: George Garland.

Estate of Leah Norman Shreier.

Amanda Blount v. Howard A. Blount II.

DHS — Lawrence Dixon.

Guardianship of Najoriam Umel Howard.

Latoya Jefferson v. Clifford E. Payne Jr.

Estate of Donald E. Byrne.

Ex Parte: James Bernard.

Christopher Lee v. Nikki Lee.

Estate of Alton R. Nunnery.

Odell Carter v. Yokena Murray.

Divorces filed:

Amelia Davis v. Nickie N. Davis.

Peggy Richardson and Victor Richardson. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Jerry Richardson and Melanie Richardson. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Melvin Myles v. Persepformi S. Myles.

Derry Dunmore and Carolyn Ann Dunmore. (Joint Complaint for Divorce)

Marriage license applications:

Justin Vernon King, 22, Cedar Hill, Texas to Ravonda Mychelle James, 34, Natchez.

Percy Jerel Dear, 25, Natchez to Princess Roberta Pernell, 27, Natchez.

Kelvin Lee Foley, 28, Natchez to Katrena Ranell Smith, 27, Natchez.

Timothy Scott Ballard, 31, Natchez to Brandi Michelle Sullivan, 24, Natchez.

Harvey Owen Lawson, 69, Brighton, Mich. to Lori Theresa Constantini, 62, Brighton, Mich.

Deed transactions:

Willie Lee Profice and Rosena Profice to Lawrence James and Lula James, lot 17, Block C Bellevue Subdivision.

Cedar Creek Development, Inc. to Marlon J. Gatlin Sr. and LaJessica M. Gatlin, lot 33 Cedar Lane Subdivision.

William Sterling Roberts Beane IV to Kenneth J. Johnston and Lois M. Johnston, lots 20 and 19 Natchez Holiday Park Subdivision.

Vernon A. Cavin Jr. to Beulah Fitzgerald, lots 3 and 4 Hunters’ Hall Subdivision.

Robert McNeely to Kimberly Christmas and Tangela Christmas, all of lot 5 and the north 17 feet of lot 6 of the Byrne Lots.

Robert McKinney to Charles E. James III, lot 20 Eastbrook Subdivision.

Judy Deloris Smith to Pamela L. Clark, land containing 0.84 acres more or less, a part of lot 51T of a division of Bryandale Plantation.

William Mark Nelson to Linda Kay Dukes, lot 9 Passman Subdivision.

Sebastian C. Craft Jr. and Linda Jane Craft Kennedy to Ben Robert McKinney, lot 73 Eastbrook Subdivision, Second Development.

Christina W. Hall to Robert B. Haimson and Michelle R. Haimson, lot 30 Woodhaven Development, Second Development.

Clinton H. Thorpe to Shavondra Johnson, lot 215 Montebello Subdivision.

Trishelle Jenkins-Woodfork to Doretha Woodfork, lot 13 of Block D Roselawn Homes Subdivision. 


John Chandler and Theresa King to Tensas State Bank, a 7.82 acre tract being a portion of Tracts E-1 and F Magnolia Acres Subdivision.

Andrea Hanisch and Brenda J. McKey to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 135A of the re-subdivision of a portion of Bryandale Subdivision.

Vincent L. Bonds and Laura A. Bonds to United Mississippi Bank, lot 14 Lanehart Subdivision.

Larry K. Williams Jr. and Sara F. Williams to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 2 Oak Hill Lots.

Charles E. James III to First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, lot 20 Eastbrook Subdivision.

Boyd D. Alexander and Marjorie W. Alexander to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 38 Fatherland Heights Subdivision.

Michael L. Ratliff and Vicky S. Ratliff to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 14 Highland Park Subdivision, Third Development.

Braxton Tate Hobdy III to United Mississippi Bank, lot 25 Woodland Heights Subdivision.

Linda Kay Dukes to William Mark Nelson, lot 9 Passman Subdivision.

Edwin Beach Jr. to Delta Bank Ferriday, lot 13 Montrose Subdivision.

Robert B. Haimson and Michelle R. Haimson to Britton & Koontz Bank, lot 30 Woodhaven Subdivision, Second Development.

Shavondra Johnson to Guaranty Trust Company, lot 215 Montebello Subdivision.

Doretha Woodfork to Concordia Bank & Trust Company, lot 13 of Block D Roselawn Homes Subdivision.

Concordia Parish

4-1-11 through 4-7-11

Civil suits filed

Ally Financial Inc. v. Deborah D. Myers—executory process.

Chase Home Finance v. Buffy Suzanne Bolyer—executory process.

GMAC Inc. v. Doborah D. Myers—executory process.

Natchez Regional Medical Center v. Curtis Jerome Barber—open account.

Natchez Regional Medicla Center v. James Keith Burns—oepmn account.

Natchez Regional Medical Center v. Gilbertine Armsted—open account.

Zachary Wiley v. Tiffany Glenn—succession.

No divorces filed.

Marriage license applications:

Cody Lucas Wulfkuhle, 23, of Acme, to Devin Nicole Rowland, 21, of Monterey.

Randolph Lee Coleman, 62, of Ferriday, to Janice Ann Cowan, 47, of Ferriday.

Lee Andrew McCoy, 31, of Vidalia, to Latoya Danielle Smith, 33, of Vidalia.

Michael Scott Crouch, 30, of Monterey, to Rebecca Renee Metcalf Pecanty, 27, of Monterey.

Jerry Charles Allen, 30, of Baton Rouge, to Jennifer Lanese Jennings Lawrence, 37, of Baton Rouge.

Deed transactions:

Chadwick Lee Murray and Martha Melinda Murray to Philip Harrison Peyton, lots 8, 9 and 10 of division lots A-1, B-1 and C-1 of a portion of S.P. Magoun Estate.

Wen-Phil Inc. to Mary Georgette McClain, a 1.07 acre tract of lots 4 and 69, a portion of lots 2 and 3 and an unopened street of Smith Addition.


Jeannie C. Beach and Edwin Beach Jr. to Delta Bank, lots 71 and 72 of of a resubdivision of part of lots 3 and 4 of Sycamore Plantation Subdivision.

James Lee Paul and Cynthia Gail Paul to Concordia Bank and Trust Company, lots 7 and 8 of section 10.

Larry Joe Smith Jr. to Concordia Bank and Trust Company, lot D of a subdivision of lot 17 of Red Gum Plantation.

Karl Wendell Smith and Melissa K. Smith to Delta Bank, lot 4 of a subdivision of lot 52 of Helena Plantation.

Karl W. Smith and Melissa K. Smith to Delta Bank, lot 4 of a subdivision of lot 52 of Helena Plantation.

Mary Georgette McClain to Concordia Bank and Trust Company, lot 16 of the Glade Subdivision first developments.

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