Roadwork nearing its end

Published 12:03 am Saturday, April 9, 2011

NATCHEZ — Road overlays packaged in the Adams County Board of Supervisors’ $2.4 million four-year road plan should soon be completed, supervisors said.

District 3 Supervisor Thomas “Boo” Campbell said he estimates the project is approximately 75 percent completed and expects it to be finished by the end of April.

County Road Manager Curly Jones said Friday the construction crews are currently working on Springfield Road in the Kingston area of District 2.

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The road list, which consists of priority roads from each district submitted by the district’s supervisor, is organized in 12 unordered phases.

Roads may be added to the list if extra money remains in the project budget upon completion.

The road list includes the following roads:

4 Area one, Elgin, includes Dunbar Road from Elgin Drive to the end. Aberdeen Road from Dunbar Road to the end of the road will follow, and Stirling Road from Aberdeen to the end of the road will be next.

4Area two, Hutchins Landing, includes Applewood, Plumwood, Dorsey, Canebreak, Persimmon, Crabapple, Oak and Smithland Plantation roads, as well as sections of Hutchins Landing Road and Petal Lane.

4Area three, Morgantown, includes the Booker Cul-de-sac, patching on Booker, Second Street patching and leveling, and sections of Soldier Retreat and Booker roads, Cottage Drive and Second Street.

4Area four, Forsythe, includes Mimosa and Dogwood drives, Power, Wisteria and Barth streets, Redbud Lane and sections of Myrtle Avenue and Kings Lane.

4Area five, nearby U.S. 61 North, includes sections of Foster Mound Road and Roosevelt roads and Traceway and Parkway drives.

4Area six, Bryandale, includes sections of Ratcliff Place and Benbrook and Farr roads.

4Area seven, the Cranfield area, will include Old U.S. 84 No. 3, paving at the Windy Hill church and sections of Cardinal, Dunbarton, Chance, Sandpiper and Pheasant roads.

4Area eight, the Kingston area, includes sections of Springfield, Upper Kingston, Clifford, Stinespring, Magnolia Acres and Whispering Pines roads.

4Area nine, Marblestone, includes sections of Marblestone Alley and Brookview Drive.

4Area 10, downtown, includes all of Bob Lee Williams Lane and sections of East Woodlawn, Garden, Beaumont, North Pearl, Commerce, Harrison and South Union streets.

4Area 11, the Woodhaven area, includes all of Stahlman Street, and parts of Duster Drive and Quail Creek.

4Area 12, Oakhurst Subdivision, includes Old Pond Road, Bayou Lane and Oakhurst and Somerset drives.