Senior spotlight: Faust overcomes injury in football, excels in baseball

Published 12:01 am Thursday, April 14, 2011

NATCHEZ — Trinity Episcopal senior Trevor Faust eagerly anticipated his 12th-grade season of football since the third grade.

But misfortune would befall Faust during an early-season practice, resulting in Faust having to watch much of his senior season from the sideline.

The Saints were coming off their opening-night win against Prairie View Academy last August. Faust, who was a receiver and punter, was participating in hitting drills with his teammates when it happened.

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“I tore two ligaments in each side of my (right) ankle,” Faust said. “It wasn’t until the first round of the playoffs that I was able to play again.”

Faust’s mother, Kay McKey, said her son never missed a practice while he was injured, and they didn’t initially know the extent of the injury.

“We were thinking at first that it was just a bad sprain, but we ended up taking him to a doctor in New Orleans who found out it was two torn ligaments,” McKey said.

Faust, who has been attending Trinity since he was 3, said missing all the time was very emotional for him.

“I had always looked up to the seniors and wanted to be one, so not being able to play really hurt,” Faust said.

“It’s hard to come back and get comfortable immediately in games. You just have to keep icing it and prepping yourself to come back. But they give your spot to someone else, so you have to work hard to earn it back.”

Watching her son sit on the bench was also tough on Faust’s mom.

“He’s never been on the sidelines since he was in the third grade,” McKey said. “The first game I saw him on the sidelines, it broke my heart. I ended up leaving at halftime during that game.

“It was pretty tough for me, because I know it broke his heart.”

Faust is also a standout baseball player for the Saints, and was recently invited to walk on at Pearl River Community College after working out there last week.

“It feels great, being able to extend my baseball career,” Faust said. “Usually you dream about going to the next level, and I’m ready to see what it’s like. I hope I get a shot in the field, because people will usually be as good as you are, or better.”

Faust said baseball is his favorite sport, and he will be playing the outfield at the next level. For now, he’s helping the Saints as a second baseman.

“I’m more comfortable in the outfield, because I’ve been playing there most of my life,” Faust said. “They just have me at second because no one else could play (the position).”

McKey said the move from the outfield to the infield was made recently, and that it was a bit of a surprise to her.

“All of a sudden, he’s at second base,” McKey said. “I was surprised, but happy for him.”

Even though he’s ready for college baseball, Faust said he’ll miss Trinity athletics next fall.

“Coach (David) King pushes us really hard,” he said. “Since the sixth grade, it’s all we’ve done. After school we’ll lift weights, practice, then go home. We spend 99 percent of the time at the school.

“It was definitely worth it. When I go to college, I’m going to miss playing for coach King. Playing sports here is what keeps me going.”