Our history should be shared

Published 2:54 am Sunday, April 17, 2011

Milestones and moments of importance come by in our lives only so often.

Opportunities can be fleeting. You get one chance to take advantage of the opportunity, and any hesitation or pause and the moment can be lost.

Fortunately, for Natchez, a few smart volunteers, led by native Jennifer Ogden Combs, saw a great moment for the city coming, and they’re working hard to make sure we seize hold of the chance to make a big deal out of something that is, well, a big deal.

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In a few years, Natchez will celebrate its 300th birthday. And that’s something that few communities in America, particularly the South, can claim.

Combs wisely realizes, however, that Natchez’s 300th anniversary can — and should — be so much more than just a reason to have a party.

The anniversary can be a celebration of Natchez’s history, its diversity and its importance throughout three centuries of American history.

Few places in the U.S. have the history that our community possesses. We need to celebrate that history and use it to tell the story of Natchez — to ourselves and to the world.

To fully seize the opportunity, we’ll need everyone pulling together and working in unison. If we do that, Natchez’s 300th will be seen and heard around the world.