Disaster brings us together

Published 5:41 pm Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our community’s focus and ability to work together continues to amaze us.

On both sides of the ever-rising Mississippi River, we can see evidence that our community is truly divided only by the river. On every other measure, we are one community, working together.

Community and government leaders, along with volunteers and private citizens from across the region, are working together in ways never before seen. From the early seeds of regionalism which were planted in our community more than a year ago, we now see more inter-community cooperation.

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Adams County and the City of Natchez are offering to help Concordia Parish and the City of Vidalia and the Town of Ferriday.

By late tonight or early Wednesday, the Mississippi River is expected to reach an unprecedented level — and it’s expected to keep rising another six feet. The forecast calls for the river to top the previous record of 58.04 feet from the 1937 flood and continue to climb to 64 feet before beginning to drop May 21.

Our community will truly be operating in uncharted waters by Wednesday morning. The mere thought of that can be a little disconcerting however, we need to consider a couple of things.

First, regardless of the outcome, we will survive this record flood and it will eventually make us stronger.

Second, the one thing we know for sure is that in times of crisis, the only thing we can count on is one another.

And we know we’re all in pretty good hands.