Senior spotlight: Blake Smith

Published 12:01 am Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blake Smith is photographed at Adams County Christian School Wednesday afternoon in Natchez. Smith’s two favorite sports are soccer and tennis. In addition to those, he also played football and basketball for ACCS. (Eric Shelton \ The Natchez Democrat)

NATCHEZ — Blake Smith took on the role of program-builder for the Adams County Christian School soccer team this past season.

In ACCS’ inaugural season, the Rebels senior helped lead the way in teaching the younger players how to successfully play the sport he grew up loving.

Smith was born in Natchez but lived in Houston from second grade until high school. When ACCS announced it would start up a soccer program, Smith jumped at the chance to help develop it.

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“At first, (this past season) was kind of hard, because soccer’s such a team sport that, if everyone’s not playing together, it’s hard to do anything,” Smith said.

“As the season went along, people started playing more as a team and opening up opportunities for everyone to score, not just the strikers.”

Smith also split time between football, basketball and tennis during his senior year at ACCS.

“I had a pretty awesome senior year, as far as sports and everything goes, but especially with sports,” Smith said.

“Football was awesome (last season). I was injured during the season, but we ended up having the best record we’ve had here in a while. I was awarded the MVP of the soccer team, and in tennis, me and my partner Taylor Welch made it all the way to state.”

Football was an alternative to lacrosse for Smith, who played lacrosse while living in Houston.

“It’s a lot like football,” Smith said. “It’s a team sport. You have to work together, and there’s just as much physical contact, so it’s just as fun.”

And contact is something that Smith enjoys, he said.

“It’s always fun to get rough whenever you’re playing sports, and you always get a good feeling whenever you get that big hit or make that big play.”

Smith also played basketball and tennis, though Smith admitted he only played basketball because his friends did. But tennis is Smith’s second favorite sport after soccer, he said.

“I like it because it’s something you can keep playing,” Smith said. “You can have fun playing with your friends, and the next day, you’ll get your butt kicked by someone older than you who’s been playing a lot longer. It’s a sport you can always learn (while playing).”

Smith said he’ll be attending Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Natchez for a year before transferring to Ole Miss.

“I want to get a bachelor’s degree in science and major in biology,” Smith said. “(After undergrad), I want to go to Ole Miss’ dental school in Jackson.”

After that, Smith said he wants to move back home to Natchez, since that’s where all his family is from. ACCS soccer coach Jimmy Allgood also said Smith would help with the team next season as an assistant while attending Co-Lin.